About Briteline

Briteline Extrusions, Inc. is an aluminum extrusion manufacturing company located in Summerville, South Carolina, 20 miles from Charleston. We also fabricate, anodize, and powder coat at our facility.


Three generations of Kabines blend time-honored craftsmanship with state of the art expertise to keep Briteline at the forefront of the aluminum extrusion industry.

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Diane Bagwell, President, Sales & Administration
Diane Bagwell
President, Sales & Administration
25 Years Experience at Briteline
Ed Kabine
President, Manufacturing
55 Years Experience at Briteline
Bo Bagwell, VP Sales & Administration
Bo Bagwell
VP, Sales & Administration
25 Years Experience at Briteline
Chris Kabine
VP, Manufacturing & Properties
25 Years Experience at Briteline


Shower Door

Briteline specializes in the high quality finishes required by the shower door industry around the world.


A rapidly growing market for Briteline due to our highly reflective anodized finishes and small, lightweight shapes.

Retail Display

Customers know they can get cut to length, fabricated, finished parts made at Briteline and delivered on time to meet their project needs.


Small channels, corners, dividers, caps, angles, and tees are shapes we produce every day.  Lightweight, beautifully anodized and fabricated aluminum trim extrusions are at the heart of what Briteline does best.


Customers enjoy the benefit of single sourcing their work with Briteline from the design of their die through to final fabrication and shipping.  All produced in-house at Briteline. Quality products, on-time delivery, and reliability are our trademarks. Our company is employee-owned and each one takes great pride in doing their very best for our customers.

  • 110,000 Sq. ft. Plant
  • Two 6” circle size extrusion presses
  • Brite Dip and Acid Etch Anodizing Lines
  • Nordson Powder Coat Line
  • CNC machining Center
  • Full Fabrication Services